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Anoto penDocuments Pro - Printer Requirements

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  • 600dpi output, or a multiple thereof (1200, 1800, 2400, ...)

  • Carbon-containing black toner/ink and carbon-free color toners/inks (this is true of most printers)

And, for best results...

  • Color printer

  • PostScript 3 (PS3) printer driver

Or, while not providing the best performance, still functional...

  • GDI (or host-based) printer driver

A Few Words About Printers

While the world of printing technology is always on the move and not every printer in the known universe has been exhaustively tested, here are some things that are helpful to know...

  • Every printer tested that meets the above specifications has worked with this application and the validated digital pens listed below.

  • Printer drivers generally come in three flavors - GDI (or host-based), PCL, and PS (PostScript)).  This application will work with GDI and PS printer drivers, but not with PCL.

  • Claims of "PostScript3 emulation" are not sufficient to verify that a given printer will work properly.  For best results, the printer must have an actual PS driver that you can download and use.

  • As a general rule, office printers do not install PS drivers by default, even if available on the installation CD.  In most cases, you will need to intentionally find, download and install the PS driver for your printer.  Fortunately, printer manufacturer web sites are very good at helping you quickly find and evaluate the drivers available for a given printer.  Some printer manufacturers also have "universal" PS print drivers, which work across several different printer models.

  • Color printers separate colors in a way that enables the pen to easily differentiate dot pattern from any printed document content, resulting in accurate, reliable handwriting recording.  And, while monochrome printers with PS drivers can be used successfully with this application, they may not be the best choice.  The camera in a digital pen only "sees" the color black.  So when documents with heavy lines, shaded areas, images or bold text get printed on a monochrome (black only) printer, the document content itself can mask the dots in a way that the digital pen cannot record its location on the paper.  When this happens, the pen stops recording in these areas and most models buzz incessantly.

  • The result is that you can use monochrome printers with this application, but should use them only with care, making sure you always keep an eye to document design, and making sure that you have trained your users to understand pen behavior in the event of running into lots of "blackness".

Anoto Qualified Printers.

The following printers have been qualified to use with the product; 

A3 printer models:
OKI C830
OKI C8800
OKI C9600
OKI C9650
OKI ML910PS (Japan only) 

A4 printer models:
OKI C610
OKI C710
OKI C711
OKI C5900
OKI C5950
OKI C6150 (US only) 

MFP models:

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Kom igång i en handvändning

Komma igång med Anoto penDocuments är snabbt och enkelt. Efter att ha tagit några minuter för att installera programvaran, har du en ny skrivare som alternativ i din dator. Skriv ut dokumentet med den nya skrivaren och använd Anotos digitala penna för att skriva på dokumentet. När du dockar pennan, skapas omedelbart en PDF fil av ditt dokument, inklusive alla dina anteckningar. Se även Application Store för fler möjligheter med Anoto penDocuments Pro.

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